Ren is an Australian born, third generation artist with European roots and an adventurous gypsy soul.  Entirely self-taught, she gives credit to her artistic parents for encouraging self-expression and a love for the arts from a very early age.  Throughout her school years Ren excelled in various mediums including ceramics, woodwork and textiles. 


Although her career took a different path for a time, it was her burning desire to create that would eventually pave the way towards a successful career in the arts.  A passion for travel helped fill the creative void until she would unexpectedly meet the love of her life and settled on the Island of Grand Cayman in 1995.  Before long she was picking up a brush and making a name for herself in a thriving local art scene.

Ren lives and breathes art!  Most days you'll find her working from her studio White Dog Art and when she's not physically painting she's mentally gathering snapshots of her surroundings, travels, life experiences and people she meets along the way.   Ren has become known for her unique style that often blends abstract expressionism with stylized whimsical figures and forms that bounce off the canvas through effortless brushstrokes. 


The canvas is her platform for self-expression, a way to communicate to the world through a universal language of color and vivid imagery.  Ren has the ability to draw you in with her unique style and  down-to-earth openness.  You’ll walk away with a smile on your face and a little insight into her creative process, inspirations and passion for life.

Over the years Ren has exhibited both locally and internationally with her work now in private and corporate collections including the permanent collection of the National Gallery of the Cayman Islands.


"My journey through life has provided many experiences - stories I may one day write about.  But in the meantime I'll express them through my art - for me a more natural form of communicating.  Every piece I create is a piece of me - my energy, heart and soul.  Being able to share this creativity with others is a blessing I don't take for granted.  It has given me the opportunity to travel the world and meet some beautiful creative souls who to this day, continue to inspire my artistic journey." - Ren